domingo, 9 de octubre de 2011

(Autorretrato en Nueva York, Lorca)

"La poesía ha de ser la hija obediente de la música"
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


poema que es una canción

canción que es un poema


Near the sacred place of Muktinah,
the Annapurna's circuit opens
into deep valleys.
Village and city streets flooded with rice,
dried after the harvest season.
The Mani Rimdu festival lasts 13 days.
Night vanishes into the prayers
spread through the mystical air by the
coloured flags that cover everything.
Night does not exist in Katmandú,
where there are more gods than men,
where Shangri-La is sung by Janis and Morrison,
at the edge of Freak Street.
Between the giant roots
of the "ficus religiosa",
looking for ilumination
drowning symphonies along the street
of light
of hash.
The darkened faces that face eternity
as a curse.
Freak Street,
the jewel
of mounts Mahabharata.
Where reincarnation is better digested
than air is breathed.
Hippie, hippie, happy, jo!
Covered in silver sweet sweat
and the pearls of a Buda,
looking for eternity,
singing sutras,
learning the name of the void
in a smoke.
The pilgrimage's just started
when your injured feet reach
the frontier of Freak Street.

                                                   Miguel Rual